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Published:January 23rd, 2015 16:44 EST
The Annapolis Castle of Don and Sandra Pyle Consumed By A Raging Fire; Arson or Accident?

The Annapolis Castle of Don and Sandra Pyle Consumed By A Raging Fire; Arson or Accident?

By John G. Kays

I didn`t quite know what this was all about, when first encountering a very hard story to understand; I mean, the devastating House *(mansion) fire of Don and Sandra Pyle (in Annapolis, Maryland), that came in the early morning hours of MLK Day, with rapacious forceful furry! 

I find, there`s a tremendous need to research this fire and to review the biographies of this wealthy, famous family, who were its victims, with conviction and sustained effort. I never heard of Don or Sandra Pyle until this morning, so there`s a lot of catching up I have to do. 

The photographic images alone have consumed the better part of two hours! Just viewing pics of the charred remains of a 16,000 square-foot mansion (castle is a better noun) has been an experience unto itself; mind blowing says it all, I suppose.

Then I started to think about what the journalists were up against at the Washington Post, or say, the Baltimore Sun, until my appreciation skyrocketed exponentially! Yea, the knowledge I gained about the Pyles, and, of course, their sons and grandchildren, and finally the fire itself is due to articles posted in the Post and the Sun (there are probably other good ones, but those two consumed the lions share of my time).

I had to mention those kudos right out of the gate, since contrary to my initial impression, a veritable Pandora`s Box was opened wide, when my (our) eyes first beheld the contents herein (a way of saying, it gets complicated)!

I`m not waxing romantic on you, but just to openly confess, these developments seem very strange to me. First of all, I can`t hardly imagine a house that`s this big; I owned a home in Buda that was a about 1,200 square feet, and I still felt like I was living in a gigantic mansion! 

So a house 15 times that large is hard for me to grasp; this may explain why I sat gawking at my computer screen for so long today, although I don`t believe I saw any photos of the Annapolis Castle, taken before the fire. Also, seeing pics of the charming grandchildren (Alexis, Katie, Charlotte, and Wesley - Boone is their last name), likely all lost by/in the fire, is hard to accept. 

As far as the fire itself, I couldn`t even begin to fathom its nature, how it began, how quickly it spread, and how it totally consumed this odd-looking abode of the Pyles, even melting steel (I read). Well, I did think of The Twin Tower fires, I`ll admit, yet perhaps this is a split-second surge of irrationality! 

The official parties involved, investigating the Pyle fire, haven`t yet ruled out foul play, or rather, I should say, are still conducting it according to the procedures in place for any standard criminal investigation (carefully bagging evidence etc, etc...)

One of the first thoughts that popped into my head, was that if they end up concluding the fire was merely an accident or some carelessness, either on the part of one of the family members, or possibly as a result of poor or outdated construction, then I would consider it a fluke. Well, I hope this didn`t confuse you too much, but the probability the fire was only a random accident has to be minuscule, my gut instincts tell me. 

The other side (the darker side) of the spectrum, would have to be, accelerants, maybe gasoline, was purposely used by somebody; this alternative scenario, explaining away many things, is a good deal higher up on this probability chart, if we were to provide a visual graphic. 

I`ll give you a few reasons why I think this way, then just like the rest of us, I`ll await the professional conclusions of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department, along with the ATF. Why didn`t any family members awaken, upon smelling the smoke? The fire spread and burned very quickly, we have to believe! Were there explosions? I wonder about this. 

How could the fire melt steel beams? Are they suspicious the accelerants were even stronger than gasoline? I am! Is there anyone who might hold a grudge towards the Pyles? If it`s ruled as arson, then this means murder, unless it`s suicide, which I don`t see. 

If the fire can explained as an accident, such as resulting from faulty electrical wiring, then I`m proved wrong. What I`m seeing is that the intensity of this fire, is telling us a different story than mere accident. We`ll monitor this situation closely, as any new reports from the Post emerge, I guarantee you!