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Published:January 28th, 2015 13:49 EST

Sarah Palin's Speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit! Palin is Stark Raving Mad!

By Robert Paul Reyes

I`ve watched Sarah Palin`s speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit over a dozen times (Yes, I have no life), the first time I was sober as a priest, and the rest of the times I was hitting the bong, and I still can`t make heads or tails out of it.


To say that the former beauty queen was incoherent is like saying that the sun is hot; I`m not going to attempt to parse her speech, such an undertaking would drive me insane.

When a beauty queen makes a befuddling speech, you can at least distract yourself from her vain babbling by focusing on her beautiful countenance. But time has not been kind to Palin, she`s lost her attractiveness. Palin sounds like a nutcase and looks like a witch!

Remember Rick Perry`s disastrous debates and inexplicably giddy speeches during the 2012 presidential campaign?  Perry`s 2012 performances were the epitome of eloquence and sound reasoning compared to Palin`s 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit speech. At least Perry has the excuse or explanation that he was recuperating from back surgery and was under medication at the time, what`s Palin`s excuse?

Watch this video, and you tell me what Palin was talking about, but for the love of God fortify yourself with the drug of your choice before watching it.

If you don`t feel like killing yourself after viewing this excerpt from her speech, you will when you consider the obscene amount of money she gets paid to utter such claptrap.

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