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Published:January 28th, 2015 15:02 EST

Water Company Tells Residents Black Water from Pit of Hell Is Fine to Drink: Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Diane Morita says her tap water is so disgusting that it makes her sick.


`Black water comes out of my shower, faucets, bathtub,` Morita said. `When the black water comes out, it has tiny little rocks and sediment that plug up all of the jets.`

Representatives from Golden State Water Co. insist that Morita`s predicament is isolated. They also say they flushed the pipes last week and, since then, the water has been clear.

`The water meets all drinking water standards, so it should be considered safe to drink.`"

CBS News

The water company claims that the "discolored" tap water is safe to drink, yeah right! The tap water isn`t "discolored", as the video at the bottom of this page proves, it`s black as coal!

Morita isn`t alone in her predicament; dozens of residents have complained for months that their tap water is black, smelly, and unsafe to drink.

The executives of the Golden State Water Co. should be sentenced to community service cleaning the streets under the hot California sun with only their nasty water available to drink.

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