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Published:February 3rd, 2015 12:13 EST
Tasha Morrison Part II: Her Homicide Solved With Arrest of Robert Sanders Jr.! 'REAL STORY?'

Tasha Morrison Part II: Her Homicide Solved With Arrest of Robert Sanders Jr.! 'REAL STORY?'

By John G. Kays

While watching the news last night, I was glad to hear Austin Police have solved the Tasha Morrison (Tasha was only 27) homicide, resulting in the arrest of Robert Sanders Jr., 58, by way of some routine investigations, which directed the attention of detectives to a recognizable establishment, if not somewhat questionable (especially, for longtime Austonians), the Budget Inn at 9601 North I-35. 

I could be wrong in saying folks from around these parts are cozy with the Budget Inn; as for myself, when I lived up off of Rundberg (1995-1999), I sometimes found myself driving around the motel parking lot, since I was suspicious something fishy was up here (this joint has had a reputation for quite a few years)

Never combed it at night; too scared to do that, so I never saw anything out of the ordinary (I was aware of it, but no visible cigar I could smoke on). As such, I became very startled, after recognizing the contours of this story slowly emerge on KXAN. 

I wrote a cursory article myself, when this first broke; I mean, the strange-seeming murder of Tasha Morrison, with an over-the-top hairdo, whose body was discovered by another homeless person right next to a tattered old couch, just off I-35 (see news footage for this unusual crime scene)

While I`m comprehending, mainly, how this went down, still I`m longing for a much more complete narrative (I realize too, I`m probably not going to get it). Little items, such as why did Robert Sanders do it? 

And then we`re hearing, Mr. Sanders actually worked at the Budget Inn; this makes the situation all the more shocking! Who goes and kills somebody at the very place where they work? Very strange! And the papers said he`d known Tasha for as much as 10 years (she was 17)? How so? What`s that about; what`s the basis for their relationship? 

Were they involved in any prior criminal enterprises? Gosh, there must be a volume of information behind these exterior, skeletal facts, but seeing how these people are poor and unimportant, there`s a good chance we`ll never get any further pertinent details. I want to know, so I may do a bit more digging on my lonesome! 

For example, we know from the surveillance footage, Sanders got rid of Tasha`s body by placing it in a shopping cart, putting a coat over it, then wheeling it out of the scene of the camera; one question I have, is, since Sanders worked there, didn`t it dawn on him he was getting filmed? And how`d he get the cart across I-35 without too much of a stir (look at a map)? 

Another item, really a connection I`ve been making, surprised me a great deal, when I really started thinking about it. Tasha herself was arrested at this, one and the same Ramada Inn, back in 2012 (for sexual assault of a child). One wonders why in the world she`d even return to this scene? She did hard jail time for it once, so one would think she`d stay clear of this hell hole? 

Too, I need to find out who her accomplice was for this prior; I assume it wasn`t Sanders, but still, this made me wonder about motive, or whether maybe Sanders was silencing Morrison for a baggage of knowledge she had on him. Nothing substantial here yet, but do you like the direction I`m going with this?