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Published:February 13th, 2015 11:11 EST

Joe Biden Gives a Public Shout Out to His 'Butt Buddy'! Mindblowing Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Joe Biden asks where his `old butt buddy` is during speech

The jaw-dropping bungle was made while speaking in Iowa on Thursday  and came with no correction or acknowledgement of a slip of the tongue."


New York Daily News

Whenever Joe Biden delivers a speech there`s always members of the press present, salivating in anticipation of another Biden gaffe.

But even the press was speechless when the vice president gave a public shout out to his old butt buddy.

"Neil Smith, an old butt buddy, are you here Neil?" Biden exclaimed as he searched for his pal in the audience.

I don`t think this was a Freudian slip, Biden didn`t unintentionally reveal that he`s gay or bisexual. This was yet another Biden moment, " butt buddy" is most likely a term of endearment (without any sexual connotation) and the vice president momentarily forgot he was in a public setting.

If Obama gave a public shout to an old butt buddy, now that would be a horse of a different color, there`s already rumors swirling in D.C that the president had an intimate relationship with his former body man Reggie Love.

Is it any wonder Joe Biden is the butt of so many jokes?

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