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Published:March 6th, 2015 10:32 EST

Viral Video: Lion Opens Car Door at Safari Park

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A family taking video at a South African safari park learned a lesson about locking their doors when a female lion used her mouth to open their car door.


Joshua Sutherland, who posted the video to YouTube, said his sisters were visiting their parents while they were serving as missionaries in South Africa when they stopped at the safari park for the experience of a lifetime.

The video shows a group of female lions hanging out near the family`s car before one of the lionesses approaches the vehicle and quickly opens a door with her mouth. "


Maybe these missionaries were expecting God to protect them even when they failed to exercise common sense, but they can thank dumb luck and not The Almighty for not ending up as dinner.

I have a healthy respect for lions, and not only would I have locked the doors, but I would have sped away if they got too close for comfort.  

One of the girls shouted I did not know they could do that " when the lion opened the door with his teeth. Girlfriend, you`d be amazed what a lion can do when he gets hungry.

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