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Published:March 11th, 2015 12:10 EST

Facebook Renames 'Feeling Fat' Emoji Amid Protests

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Facebook appears to have removed a feeling fat emoji from its website after a body image group protested the double-chinned image.


The puffy-cheeked, double-chinned emoji remained on the site Tuesday as a status update option, but the text was changed from `feeling fat` to `feeling stuffed.`"


This is example 1,001 of political-correctness run amuck.  

There is nothing wrong with the status "feeling fat" or the double-chinned emoji that represents the state of feeling fat.

When I eat a pizza in one sitting, I feel fat and nothing represents my current status quite like a double-chinned emoji. I`m not dissing the horizontally-challenged community if I select the double-chinned emoji to represent how I feel, so you chubby creeps can pound sand or eat a pound cake.

At least Facebook changed  "feeling fat" to "feeling stuffed", instead of feeling horizontally-challenged.

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