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Published:March 14th, 2015 09:50 EST

Milwaukee Brewers Ban High-Fives to Stop Outbreak of Pinkeye

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Milwaukee Brewers have banned high-fives at spring training in Arizona in an effort to halt the spread of pinkeye among members of the team.


`We`ve been going through it for a while and it seems like a couple of more show up every day,` Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke said.

Catcher Jonathan Lucroy and pitching coach Rick Kranitz, who have both been struck by the illness, have been sent away from the Brewers for a 48-hour quarantine."

Los Angeles Times

We knew there was no crying in baseball, but no high-fives? Really?

You can`t attend a baseball games without witnessing players adjust their crotch, spit sunflower seeds, pat each other on the butt, and high-five after a great play.

You`d think some of more dubious behavior of players would be banned instead of high-fives, but this is a desperate attempt to stop an outbreak of pinkeye.

By the time spring training is over, you will see the Brewers in all their glory, grabbing their crotch, smacking each other on the butt, and high-fiving.

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