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Published:March 15th, 2015 16:20 EST

Hillary Clinton is Too Ethically-Challenged to Run for President

By Robert Paul Reyes

Although no credible Democratic challenger to Hillary Clinton has emerged, her run for White House has hardly been a coronation thus far. Hillary`s sense of entitlement and her belief that she`s above the law may derail her presidential ambitions.



Hillary`s supporters` knee-jerk response is to defend her vociferously, attack the character of her opponents, and later invent a legal justification for her ethically dubious behavior.


The Hillary Clinton email scandal perfectly illustrates this pattern: Every politician has a private email account! Hillary hasn`t broken any laws! What`s so unusual about Hillary storing her emails in her private server? Everybody does it!

Hillary`s defenders act as if she was on trial, and they have to prove she hasn`t broken any laws. Hillary has a closet full of skeletons, and one day she may find herself in a court of law.


But right now it`s the court of public opinion that Queen Hillary has to worry about, and her diva behavior is very worrisome to everyday Americans.


The average voter doesn`t know a gigabyte from a flash drive, but it strikes us as very fishy that Hillary used a private email to conduct government business, and there`s just no way of explaining why she used a private server to store her email.


Hillary would be well-advised to remember that it`s the voters, and not the political elite, the pundit class or lawyers that she needs to impress.



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