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Published:March 18th, 2015 11:34 EST

Outrage: 9-month-old Baby Takes a Ride on Dad's Surfboard

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A surfer took his 9-month-old son out to ride the waves in Puerto Rico and captured the infant`s reactions with a GoPro camera.


Jorge Tirado posted a video to Vimeo showing the 9-month-old facing the waves first with apprehension, and later with what appears to be enthusiastic approval.

"I encourage you to safely bring your kids to the ocean, after all the ocean is the place where it all began. By far, this is the best sport for your spiritual, mental and physical health," Tirado wrote in the video`s description."


I agree with Tirado, by all means bring your kids, including your babies, to the ocean. But don`t take your baby out to ride the waves, unless you are a thrill-seeking moron who has no regard for the safety of his child.

Good rule to follow: If you can`t control your bowel movements you are too young to surf. On second thought that may not be such a great rule, if a monster wave hits you, regardless of your age you are going to crap your drawers.

If a see an irresponsible jerk surfing with his baby, I`ll call 911 and have the cops waiting to arrest him when he returns to the beach.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia