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Published:March 23rd, 2015 16:21 EST

Man Releases Pet Rat to Avoid Paying Restaurant Bill: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Security camera footage from a British restaurant recorded the moment a man set his pet rat on the ground in an attempt to scam a free meal.


Christopher Baker, 28, pleaded guilty in Sunderland Magistrates` Court to a charge of fraud by false representation after he released his pet rat at the Borneo Bistro in Sunderland, England, on Valentine`s Day and demanded a refund for his meal."


This rat doesn`t have the integrity to have a rat as a pet; he shouldn`t be allowed to have any animals as pets.

I feel sorry for the woman who celebrated Valentine`s Day with this cheap bastard, if she`s his wife she should divorce this scum of the Earth immediately.

This human excrement was willing to embarrass his dining companion, and destroy the reputation of the restaurant, simply to get out of paying the bill.

Thank goodness the restaurant owner smelled a rat, reviewed the security footage, and discovered that the human vermin took his pet rat out of his pocket.  

It`s too bad the UK doesn`t have the death penalty!

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