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Published:March 25th, 2015 12:21 EST
Kay Hafford Survives a Scary Ordeal of Road Rage in Houston, Texas! Who Did It?

Kay Hafford Survives a Scary Ordeal of Road Rage in Houston, Texas! Who Did It?

By John G. Kays

I`m still pondering on the incident of road rage in Houston last Friday morning, when Kay Hafford was shot in the head by a crazy man driving a white SUV (Kay was injured but fortunately survived the harrowing ordeal). One thought is, these violent type of scenarios are on the increase *(I haven`t looked at any statistics, nor do I feel like I really need to)

Was it particularly a Houston phenomenon? That`s probably a silly notion, but having lived in Texas my whole life, I know it`s worthy of consideration. I suspect, that once we find this guy (if we ever do), who was driving a white SUV and wore a blue baseball cap, the picture`s going to clear up considerably! The likelihood something else was bothering him (personal issues, such as anger-management), can not and should not be ruled out!

Why was he driving with a loaded pistol within hand-reach? Was he hoping to use it in the not too distant future? Was the Madman an Open-Carry advocate, such as our esteemed Governor? And was the shooting possibly racially motivated, since Kay Hafford is African American? Just askin`, so don`t let your blood pressure peak-out too drastically! That would be a case of Mobile-Device-Rage, I suppose.

There`s a lot we don`t know yet; nonetheless, I am very aware of the way this story has changed from a Texas specific one, into a national one, garnering a great deal of interest on social media. It has one in the same effect on yours truly; somebody is just driving along, trying to get from point A to point B, then another car starts driving aggressively, maybe cutting them off. 

So a normal driver honks at them, merely as a gesture of self-defense; really, this is a natural reaction (not weird in the least bit). My best theory is, Mister White SUV, wearing a blue ball-cap, was hoping this situation would come up, so he`d get a chance to use his trusty weapon, sitting comfortably within eye-sight. 

I`m thinking, he felt like it was his God-Given Right to shoot an individual, if someone went so far as to violate his individual liberties, with a mere honk of a horn (that`s what they`re for, I thought). I`m just telling you what I think (please don`t shoot me, brother)

This is how Stand Your Ground People think! Or Open-Carry Nut Jobs, or just about all NRA members. The point is, the roads are tremendously over-crowded, and the number of people who carry powerful firearms is on the increase; here`s a statistical probability for you! Finally, it hasn`t even started getting hot in Texas yet; don`t mean to scare you, but this is how it is; the streets will get even meaner as the days go by. I`m glad you`re okay, Kay Hafford (we`ll get `im)!