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Published:March 26th, 2015 12:17 EST
Holy Popcorn! The Bluebonnet Crop in Texas Is Especially Terrific This SPRING (Indian Paintbrushes too)!

Holy Popcorn! The Bluebonnet Crop in Texas Is Especially Terrific This SPRING (Indian Paintbrushes too)!

By John G. Kays

Copious, rolling blanketed fields of Texas Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis) are beyond beautiful! *(this is how Faulkner does it). This slice of poetic prose comes close to saying everything I have to say today; what the heck, I`ll add in a few more details, having soaked in some news on the native wildflower (bonanza) of Tejas just this morning.

As I heard on our local news stations (KXAN and KVUE), the spring crop is going to be especially good this year, as a result of plentiful rainfall in the fall, winter, and whispers of spring (according to Andrea Delong-Amaya, the director of horticulture at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center)

This reminds me, I live just down the road from the LBJ Wildflower Center, so as soon as I can get away (probably on Sunday), I`ll pay them a visit and have my trusty Canon PowerShot (ELPH 340 HS) handy (will bring my film camera along also), in order to capture some nice pictures of many of the indigenous plants and flowers. 

Coupled with that brilliant brainstorm, It`s mandatory to plan on a Bluebonnet Shoot; I`m hearing they`re growing in fecundity, blanketing much of the Hill Country, when you head in a Westerly direction (perhaps I`ll travel out 71 one day, then another head out 290 W towards Fredericksburg, in search of an ideal hillside snapshot locale).

I imagine it won`t be very hard to find some nice spots with Bluebonnet Eye-Candy for a proper feasting session! Then there`s always heading down 290, going East towards Houston; Brenner`s about the peak, as I recall for the hobby of bluish peering through a camera lens. I thought I`d mention, I`m even more pleased that the Indian Paintbrush crop is slated for equal prominence (with it`s baby blue sibling) this year. 

Okay, so plenty of bright yellow sunflowers never did anyone any harm, nor am I opposed to a nice portion of pink evening primrose. Finally, when I hear there will be fertility galore when it comes to Cactus, I jump for joy! CACTUS OR SUCCULENTS RULE HERE IN TEXAS! Better come back to earth; see ya!