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Published:March 27th, 2015 10:35 EST

Chelsea Handler: Bill Cosby Tried to 'Cosby' Me! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In a new interview with Esquire magazine, Chelsea Handler says Bill Cosby tried to `Cosby` her. Yes, Handler used the embattled comedian`s name as a verb. It`s come to that.


Cosby has been on the receiving end of multiple accusations from women who say that he sexually assaulted them, drugged them -- or both.

Now Handler, 40, relates her own experience with Cosby, 77, which she says took place about a decade ago, in the new Esquire piece."


Handler says that about a decade ago, when they were both doing gigs in Atlantic City he invited her to his hotel room. Handler felt uneasy about meeting Cosby alone, so she invited three male friends to escort her to the disgraced comic`s room.

A disappointed and sexually frustrated Cosby probably swallowed a handful of roofies that night.

When you are known by one name (Oprah, Cher, Cosby) you are a superstar, and when your name becomes a verb you are an outcast. When Handler said that Bill Cosby tried to "Cosby" her, we immediately knew what she meant.

In spite of the fact that a gazillion and one women have made credible allegations of rape against Cosby, there are still sycophants who blindly defend him. I wonder how many of them would let their daughters spend one minute alone with the serial rapist.

In a perfect world Cosby would be in prison right now getting Cosbied by his cellmate. 

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