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Published:April 24th, 2015 11:21 EST

Colorado Man Shoots & Kills His Computer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Colorado man finally had enough of his troublesome computer Monday and did what pretty much everyone has fantasized about: He shot and killed it.


Lucas Hinch, 37, was issued a summons by Colorado Springs police after he shot his 2012 Dell XPS 410 eight times in an alley, police said.

`He was fed up with fighting his computer for the last several months,` according to the police log."

Los Angeles Times

Let he who has never fantasized about murdering his computer cast the first stone at this gentleman and scholar.

We`ve all been there:

You`re searching for the latest Miley Cyrus wardrobe-malfunction pic and your computer freezes.

You illegally download a movie and your computer crashes.

You`re flirting with your next-door neighbor`s wife on Facebook and suddenly the infamous Microsoft Blue Screen of Death abruptly ends your conversation.

You get a virus while you`re innocently surfing porn sites.

Hinch doesn`t have any regrets, he told the Los Angeles Times reporter that "angels sung on high."

The computer murderer faces a fine, but he won`t do any time in the Big House.  

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