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Published:April 25th, 2015 10:08 EST

Yogurt Shop Cashier Throws Yogurt at Gay Viral Video Star: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A heated confrontation at a University City FroYo Frozen Yogurt shop ended with a cashier throwing frozen yogurt on a customer, according to police.


Security video from the business shows a customer throwing money at a cashier. Seconds later you can see the cashier throw a bowl of frozen yogurt at the customer.

Caldwell gained some recognition in 2014, when an internet video of him at a church went viral."


Andrew Caldwell said he believes Diaz recognized him from a 2014 viral video where he announced during a church ceremony that he was delivered from his homosexuality.

Diaz, who is gay herself, denied calling Caldwell a gay slur. Caldwell needs deliverance from rude behavior; if you throw money at a cashier at a Yogurt shop expect to end up with yogurt on your face.

I`m not gay (not that there`s anything wrong with being gay), but my gaydar is 100% accurate. In the infamous video we see only the back of Caldwell`s head, when he first appears. May God strike me dead if I`m lying, but I said to myself that dude is gay.

He then goes on to exclaim: I don`t like mens no more! I said I like women. Women women women women! Bitc* please! The lady doth protest too much! It will take a hell of a lot more than a charlatan preacher to deliver him from homosexuality.

Caldwell is simply the gayest man on the planet, he was born with sugar in his tank, and he will be gay until the day he dies.

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