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Published:April 29th, 2015 11:17 EST

Pole Dancing Robots Entice Crowds to Major London Tech Startup Event

By Robert Paul Reyes

Yesterday I read an article about pole dancing robots drawing crowds to a major London tech startup event, and I dismissed the news item as an aberration, an outlier if you will. However in researching the story I discovered that there are dozens of videos on YouTube depicting dancing robots.

I`m heterosexual and I am delighted, mystified, fascinated, and yes turned on by the beauty of the nude female body.

But I find little simulating, exciting or sexy about watching a stripper gyrating on a pole. The blank stare, the plastic smile, the silicon-enhanced monstrous boobs, and the robotic pelvic thrusts serve only to shrivel my private parts, and poison my brain cells.

Any man with a modicum of self-dignity and respect for women will flee the strip joint before the exotic dancer flings her feces-encrusted G-string smacking him in the face.

If real strippers work better than Saltpeter to kill my libido, you can imagine what pole dancing robots do to my sex drive.

The proliferation of strip clubs and the emergence of pole dancing robots are signs that the End Times are here already.

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