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Published:May 3rd, 2015 11:02 EST

Aspen's Smuggler Mountain Struggles With Mountain of Dog Poop:

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A month after volunteers cleaned up roughly 600 pounds of dog poop on Smuggler Mountain, rangers have flagged another 50 or so piles in the same problematic section of the trail."


Aspen Times

Smuggler Mountain is a popular destination for hikers and their dogs, as is evidenced by the mountains of dog poop left behind.

I`m a conscientious dog owner, and I always carry my doggie poop scooper with me when I walk with my pooch around my neighborhood.

But let`s get real, I`m not about to carry a doggie poop scooper with me when I take my dog hiking on a mountain trail.

I`m not under the delusion that there`s a poop fairy who will replace each pile of steaming dog crap with a daisy, but I do expect that nature will somehow take care of the problem.

Anyway, the folks in Aspen are filthy rich; certainly they can hire enough poop cleaners to take care of the problem.

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