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Published:May 10th, 2015 10:30 EST

Redneck Couple From Hell Drive Wrong Way While Drunk & Butt-Naked!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A drunk, naked woman drove the wrong way down a Michigan highway " after she ditched her naked husband and their kid at a rest stop, deputies said.


Jessie Schwaub-Devault, 23, was arrested on a slew of charges for the Tuesday caper in Grant Township, the Clare County Sheriff`s Office told the Associated Press.

Her husband, 32-year-old Joshua Devault, was arrested for indecent exposure and child neglect, too."

New York Daily News

Eventually the criminally-obese woman exited her SUV, and started running. She was arraigned on charges of drunken driving, fleeing police, indecent exposure and child abuse.

Police officers just don`t get enough credit for all the tomfoolery, criminality and thuggish behavior that they encounter on a daily basis. The hapless cop who brought down this butt-naked weirdo most likely took a bath in bleach after his shift was over.

This was a sordid and ridiculous incident, but it could have been a tragedy. It`s a miracle that the horrific spectacle of a naked heifer running down the highway didn`t result in a multi-car wreck.

A naked couple, who drive down the wrong way down a freeway, with their child in tow, should have their drivers licenses permanently revoked, and their children taken away forever.

Kudos to the hero cops and kudos to your humble blogger for searching the dark corners of the Internet to bring you entertaining news.

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