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Published:May 11th, 2015 10:11 EST

Former 'The Cosby Show' Guest Star Claims Bill Cosby Raped Her!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A former `Cosby Show` actress claiming she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby recently spent hours meeting with New Jersey police in hopes of convincing them to seek charges against the famed comedian.


According to The Press of Atlantic City, Lili Bernard, who played eccentric school teacher Mrs. Minifield on the show during the early 1990s, told police Cosby drugged and raped her more than 20 years ago, and she still has the evidence to prove it.

Over the last several weeks, the New York Daily News reported Bernard also claimed Cosby won her trust by acting as a mentor to her, only to totally betray it by later drugging and assaulting her."

Latin Post

Most of us are familiar with the phrase "You don`t shi* where you eat "; although the saying is vulgar it conveys a timeless truth. Burglars don`t break into homes in their own neighborhoods, and muggers don`t rob people in their own apartment complex.

Criminals usually abide by this maxim, it`s only when they get too arrogant or lazy that they violate this tenet. Bill Cosby had gotten away with raping dozens of women over decades; he felt he could get away with murder so he raped a guest star on the "Cosby Show. "

New Jersey has no statute of limitations on rape cases - -- which means prosecutors could pursue the case, said Lili Bernard`s lawyer, the world-famous Gloria Allred.

The victim claims she still has the evidence to prove it, so maybe, just maybe, Cosby`s perverted as* will finally be nailed to the wall.

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