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Published:May 12th, 2015 10:05 EST

Bus Company Apologizes for 'Ride Me All Day' Topless Model Ads

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A bus company has come under fire for promoting a new route with a poster on the back of its vehicles showing an apparently topless woman holding a sign saying: ride me all day for £3.


The adverts, by Cardiff-based New Adventure Travel, prompted outrage in the city and on social media. The company, which runs services in Cardiff and elsewhere in Wales, including school buses, was promoting the launch of a fleet of new buses for a cross-city service in Cardiff."

The Guardian

I applaud marketing campaigns that think outside the box, but not when they delve into classism and sexism.

You don`t have to be a professor of Gender and Women`s Studies at Harvard to find the sexist poster objectionable.

It`s also repugnant because it assumes that  bus passengers, who tend to be poor, will respond to such a sexist marketing campaign.

The bus company has pulled the posters, claiming that there was no intention to objective women. Yeah, right.

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