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Published:May 15th, 2015 08:56 EST

Moron Professor Sydney Engelberg Encourages Women to Bring Babies to Class: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"College Professor Sydney Engelberg reportedly encourages his students to bring their children to class.

Recently an unnamed student, a new mom, did just that.


Then when her baby started to cry she tried to stand up and leave the class at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

But according to Engelberg`s daughter, her father stopped the woman and took the baby into his arms.

Engleberg then nonchalantly continued the rest of his lecture with the baby in his arms."


A college student spends most of his young adult life paying back student loans, for his huge financial investment the least he expects is a lecture free of unwarranted interruptions.

Professor Engelberg had the unmitigated gall to encourage his students to bring their children to class, and when a student did just that, he took her bawling baby into his arms, and continued the rest of his lecture with the baby in his arms.

Instead of encouraging female students to disrupt his lectures by bringing their babies to class, he should devote one of his lectures to birth control.

If I was a student in Engelberg`s class, and a damn baby interrupted his lecture, I would sue the mother and the professor.

This namby-pamby professor is actually being hailed as a hero, and he`s received dozens of love letters. What an upside-down world we live in!

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