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Published:May 18th, 2015 01:03 EST

Judy Messoline's UFO Watchtower: Monument to UFO Tomfoolery

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Colorado Highway 17, otherwise known as the "Cosmic Highway,` is leading UFO enthusiasts and lovers of all things unexplained to the  UFO Watchtower.


Located on 600 acres of vast open space in the San Luis Valley, former cattle rancher Judy Messoline opened the observation platform in 2000 near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It is dedicated to the observation of UFOs and all things unexplained from the stars above. She and the thousands of visitors throughout the years continue searching the skies for anything out of this world"

Fox 21 News

Judy Messoline used to earn an honest living as a cattle rancher, but she sold her cattle, erected a UFO Watchtower, and now instead of raising cattle she fleeces the sheep who visit her monument to UFO tomfoolery.    

Build it and they will come! It doesn`t take a visionary or an entrepreneur genius to erect a UFO Watchtower just off a stretch of highway known as the Cosmic Highway

Since opening her UFO tourist trap in 2000 there have been 90 sightings, Messoline has witnessed 26 of them. How convenient! If I opened a UFO-themed tourist attraction I would claim that a UFO landed on the parking lot, and a beautiful extraterrestrial woman stepped out, and we had a close encounter of the freaky kind.

Messoline wrote a book called That Crazy Lady Down the Street " describing her encounters with UFOs, all I can say is she`s crazy like a fox. 

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