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Published:May 22nd, 2015 09:57 EST

Elephant Snaps an Elphie

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An elephant in Thailand confiscated a Canadian tourist`s GoPro camera and snapped a once-in-a-lifetime elphie with the student.


Christian LeBlanc, 22, a University of British Columbia student who shared the photo on Instagram this week, said the elephant on Thailand`s Koh Phangan island snatched his GoPro camera while it was in time lapse mode, so it continued to shoot photos from its vantage point at the end of the elephant`s trunk."


I`m sick and tired of selfies, especially at a time when Kim Kardashian`s paean to celebrity worship and vanity "Selfish" has just hit bookstores and online retailers. Selfish is a coffee table book of Kardashian selfies, it`s guaranteed to delight her fans and elicit vomiting from her detractors.

I`m sick and tired of bimbo celebs and brain-dead teen girls posting selfies on social media sites  -- enough already with selfies.

But how about an elfie? Check out this elfie snapped by an elephant in Thailand:

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