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Published:May 27th, 2015 14:41 EST

Russian Waitress Beats Bejesus Out of Handsy Customer: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Security cameras at a Russian restaurant captured the moment a waitress used a menu to swat a handsy customer to the ground.


The video, posted to YouTube Friday by user Gena Urmanov, shows the rowdy customer at a restaurant in Kazan attempt to put cash in the server`s blouse, leading her to push him away.

The man then gets out of his seat and grabs the woman`s buttocks, earning him several whacks with the menu in the waitress` hands until he falls to the ground."


Mind you this wasn`t a Hooters style restaurant where male customers sometimes act inappropriately, the waitress was dressed modestly, and the customer should have treated with respect.

The filthy pig tried to put cash in the server`s blouse, and naturally she pushed him away. His pride wounded, he got out of his seat and grabbed the woman`s butt, and she smacked him with the menu until he was knocked down to the floor. It took three men to assist the clueless idiot back on his feet.

Moral of this story: If a waitress armed only with a menu knocks you senseless, you aren`t a player, and you need to start treating women with respect.

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