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Published:May 27th, 2015 15:02 EST

Worthless Scarecrow Has Become Home to Family of Birds: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

We got a little lazy last year, and we should`ve put our scarecrow away for winter, but didn`t. Now the birds are so used to him they made a nest inside of him.


YouTube video description

You know that your scarecrow is worthless when it serves as a home, rather than a deterrent to birds.

Hungry birds are fearless, when I feed my big dog in my backyard as soon as soon as she steps away from her bowl of food, they swoop down and devour any leftovers.

However scarecrows can scare away birds -- if they look menacing and frightening. Here are some scarecrows that are guaranteed to scare away any birds:

*A pantsuit-clad Hillary Clinton scarecrow

*A Rosie O`Donnell scarecrow (Just make sure it really looks scary, because if it fails to frighten a flock of birds will be able to live inside the abomination.

*A naked Lena Dunham scarecrow (It will scare away birds, but there`s a chance a demon will possess the wretched thing.

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