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Published:June 6th, 2015 10:25 EST

'Weave Loan Store' to Offer Loans to Buy Hair Extensions in Detroit!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There are loans for a car, a house and now   in Detroit   those lacking in locks can apply for a loan to buy some hair.


The Weave Loan Store on W. 8 Mile Road in Detroit will be open for business June 13.

Detroit native salon co-owner Fred  who prefers not to use his last name  and his wife came up with the idea to offer a line of credit to buy weaves after he says many of his clients wanted hair extensions but couldn`t afford them."


Only in the financially and morally bankrupt city of Detroit would a weave loan store open for business.

Over 20,000 Detroiters have had their water service interrupted since March 1. The Water Department, under pressure to reduce more than $90 million in bad debt, ordered shutoffs for deadbeats who owed at least $150 or had fallen at least two months behind on their bills.

The benighted residents of Detroit don`t have enough money to buy food or pay their water bills, but I`m sure many will take out a loan for a hair weave.

Hair weaves aren`t cheap; if you want to look like a ghetto fabulous diva it will set you back hundreds of dollars.

The preachers and other moral authority figures in Detroit should be denouncing and condemning the Weave Loan Store, but instead I suspect that the leaders of Motor City will be demanding subsidies for hair weaves. We have free Obamaphones, and free Obamacare, so why not free Obamaweaves?

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