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Published:June 16th, 2015 16:34 EST

UFO Spotted in Antarctica!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Is this photograph proof that aliens HAVE landed on earth?

Or is it simply a black mark on a satellite image that people have interpreted as a crashed UFO as they desperately search for `evidence` to back up wild claims about extra-terrestrial life coming into contact with the earth?


According to `researcher of the unknown` Valetin Degterev, it could be the former.

Posting to social media, the Russian `expert` said he spotted the black mark in Antarctica while using Google Earth. "


Many strange sights, including winos passed out on the street and naked people, have been captured on Google Earth.

But has Almighty Google captured an image of a flying saucer that crash landed in Antarctica?

Some bozo named Valetin Degterev is convinced that the photograph in the link at the bottom of this page is a genuine UFO in the classic shape of a flying saucer. Let`s raise enough money on GoFundMe to send this clown on a one-way ticket to Antarctica so he can research the matter to his heart`s content.

Just so NO to UFO tomfoolery!

Photographs of UFO in Antarctica:

Photo Credit:

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