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Published:June 21st, 2015 10:19 EST

Cat Bites Woman, She Bites Boyfriend Who Owns the Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat bit a woman in Germany, sending her into such a rage that she then repeatedly bit and beat her boyfriend, the owner of the pet, police said.


A police spokesman said the 26-year-old woman was attacked by her 39-year-old partner`s feline in the western city of Hagen in the early hours of Saturday.

After she tried in vain to discipline the cat, a fight between the bitten person and the cat`s owner ensued in which the 39-year-old was hit and bitten several times, the spokesman said."


Evidently this cat has the spirit of discernment, and he immediately ascertained that the woman was a bit** and he bit her to demonstrate his displeasure.

The evil woman attempted to "discipline" the cat, the cat`s owner, her boyfriend, jumped to the pet`s defense, and the woman then directed her anger at him, administering a sound beating.  

The man was able to escape, and he called the cops. He was taken to the emergency room for treatment, while the woman was charged with domestic violence.

It`s no shame is being beaten by a woman, but if the man didn`t grab his cat before escaping he`s a wimp who deserves to rot in hell.

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