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Published:June 26th, 2015 11:40 EST

Today is 'Take Your Dog to Work Day'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s not often that your boss says: Good girl! Sit down. Here`s a treat. (Or let`s hope it`s not often.)


But it`s a possibility today " the 17th annual `Take Your Dog to Work Day,` created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the companionship of dogs and pet adoptions.

According to, the event allows people who don`t have pets to witness the special bond their co-workers have with their pets firsthand while encouraging them to adopt a dog of their own."


My pooch, Mandy, is my constant companion, she rides with me in my Jeep as I run my errands, but unfortunately she can`t come with me to work, not even on "Take Your Dog to Work Day."

If your employer participates in "Take Your Dog to Work Day", by all means bring your pooch to work, but first make sure your canine companion is ready to meet your colleagues.

Almost everybody loves dogs, but nobody loves fleas. Give Fido a flea bath before taking him to work; you don`t want to be responsible for a flea infestation in your office.

Take a doggie bag with you, just in case he has an accident. Your co-workers may put up with your farts and belches, but the sh** will hit the fan if your dog poops and you don`t clean and disinfect right away.

If anyone is allergic to dogs, make sure that your pooch doesn`t come near their office or cubicle.

If your puppy is as terminally cute as mine don`t let him wander around the office, or employees might spend too much time petting and playing with him, and productivity will suffer.

Puppy-proof your cubicle, your boss might not participate in this marvelous day again if your pet bites electrical cords or damages company property.

I hope "Take Your Dog to Work Day" will be a resounding success, and that the outcome will be that thousands will be inspired to adopt dogs from their local animal shelters.

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