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Published:July 4th, 2015 09:52 EST

Obama's Daughter Malia Obama Serving as Intern With 'Girls'! Sick Lena Dunham Is No Role Model!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It seems that Michelle and President Obama`s daughter Malia Obama is an intern with the HBO show Girls this summer, her second gig in the industry. The teen was spotted in Brooklyn, New York, on the set of the show earlier this week, and it looks like she`s shaping up to have a pretty great summer.


TMZ shares a bit of scoop on Malia Obama`s intern gig. The teen was spotted in Brooklyn on the show`s set on Thursday, and it seems like this will be an ongoing gig for at least part of the summer. As many may remember, Malia also had an entertainment job last summer on Halle Berry`s Extant."


The last six years have demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Barack Obama is the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Now it seems that he`s also the worst father since Homer Simpson.

What kind of a father would let his 16-year-old daughter serve as an intern with the raunchy HBO show Girls? A dad who cared about his daughter`s spiritual and moral welfare wouldn`t let her within a mile of the set of Girls, let alone let her serve as an intern.

Lena Dunham, the creator, writer and star of Girls is as morally depraved as she is physically unattractive. In her memoir she bragged about sexually molesting her much younger sister, and we are all familiar with her penchant for disrobing as soon as the director yells: Action!

With Dunham serving as her mentor Malia`s career track may be sidelined, instead of going to law school, will she enroll in film school so she can produce and direct racy films for HBO and Netflix?

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