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Published:July 4th, 2015 10:18 EST

Teacher Kills & Dissects Rabbits in Front of Class

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Austrian schoolteacher received heavy criticism from students and parents after killing two rabbits in front of his class as part of a biology lesson this week.


After killing the rabbits, he proceeded to dissect them.

According to reports, the middle school teacher breeds rabbits during his free time and brought the animals to work. On Monday, he reportedly killed one of the animals with a captive bolt stun gun and repeated the lesson in front of a different class the next day.

When other students had heard about the gruesome lecture, they reportedly offered to buy the animal from the teacher in an effort to save its life. He is said to have refused the offer because he planned to eat the animal`s meat for dinner."


Some teachers bring their pets to their classrooms to teach their young charges to respect and cherish all of God`s creatures.

This sadist brought bunny rabbits to his classroom so he could kill and dissect them, traumatizing the children for life.

For his horrific act the teacher was simply warned not to do it again. He should have been summarily fired, charged with animal cruelty, and shunned by polite society.

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