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Published:July 8th, 2015 15:04 EST

Whoopi Goldberg Continues to Defend Bill Cosby, Serial Rapist of White Women

By Robert Paul Reyes

From the beginning, The View`s Whoopi Goldberg has been one of Bill Cosby`s most vigorous defenders. After she demanded answers from his most vocal sexual assault accuser last fall, Cosby personally thanked her on Twitter for her support. But now that new court documents have emerged in which Cosby admits to procuring Quaaludes with the intention of drugging women for sex, has she changed her mind? Apparently not.

The Cosby story led The View Tuesday morning, but Goldberg quickly made it clear that the new evidence has not persuaded her of anything. When one of her co-hosts pointed out the more than 40 women who have come forward to accuse Cosby of rape, Goldberg made sure to specify the case in question only relates to one woman.

Later, Goldberg joked about being a `former Quaalude user` and said she doesn`t like snap judgments because she`s seen people do the same to her. `Save your texts, save your nasty comments, I don`t care,` she added to cheers from the audience.

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In her rant Goldberg shouted: No one has convicted him, he has not been arrested, and the bottomline is that`s the law -- innocent, until proven guilty.

Very true, in a court of law a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, but in the court of public opinion, and Goldberg has a very prominent voice as the moderator of The View, we are free to express our opinion.

After hearing the credible testimony of over 40 women who have strikingly similar accounts of being drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby, and especially after the deposition was released in which the disgraced comic admitted under oath that he procured Quaaludes with the intention of drugging women for sex , any rational and objective person would have to conclude that he is a rapist.

Is Cosby`s race blinding Goldberg to the uncomfortable truth that he is a serial rapist of white women?

Goldberg is doing a disserved to her race, gender and profession by not only defending Cosby, but by lashing out mercilessly at his detractors.

As a woman Goldberg should be using her platform to denounce a celebrity who used his wealth and fame to sexually assault women, and to escape punishment.

The statute of limitations may have expired and Cosby will never be convicted of rape, but as a society we must never allow our moral outrage to expire, and it`s incumbent on us to vilify and condemn Cosby until the Grim Reaper takes him to hell.

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