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Published:July 10th, 2015 10:39 EST

Viral Video: Pooch Steals Garden Hose and Sprays Owner

By Robert Paul Reyes

This viral video depicts a black Labrador chasing a man in a Michigan State University sweatshirt while carrying the garden hose in its mouth and positioning the water stream to soak the man.


I don`t know what prompted the dog`s attack on his owner, but my guess is that the pooch finally got tired of being bathed and hosed down by his owner.

My canine companion, Mandy, has a tender and loving spirit, but I`m afraid that one day she will also chase me down with the garden hose in her mouth and give me a good soaking as revenge for the dozens of baths I`ve given her using a garden hose.

I have to give the owner credit for not editing out his girlish screams of terror/hilarity.

Moral of this story: Just give your dog a sponge bath the next time.

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