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Published:July 15th, 2015 15:30 EST

Mexican Immigrant Artist Selling Donald Trump Butt Plugs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Artist Fernando Sosa has found a novel way to protest at Donald Trump`s recent comments about Mexican immigrants: he`s turned the Republican presidential candidate into a butt plug.


Sosa used 3D printing technology to create the decidedly-unofficial merchandise, which he is selling from his store on the Shapeways website for £21.34. The plug is made from full-colour sandstone, promising a coarse finish and a delicate feel.

`I usually make Butt plugs to insult dictators, homophobes and politicians. However, when I heard Donald Trump`s remarks about Mexicans and latinos from South America I was extremely angry,` explained Sosa in the product listing, adding that he was born and raised in Mexico before moving to the US aged 11."

The Guardian

Donald Trump may be a blowhard, a buffoon and a blight on humankind, but he`s not stupid, which leads me to believe that his recent racist comments about Mexicans emanated from his a** and not his brain. Therefore, the Donald should be the first one to buy the Trump butt plug.

I hope El Chapo dispatches his thugs to kidnap Trump, strip him naked, and have a Mexican gay porn star ram a butt plug up his wazoo.

This is a tribute worthy of a clown, I urge everyone to visit the artist`s Web site and purchase a butt plug.  

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