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Published:July 16th, 2015 13:01 EST

Caitlyn Jenner Looked Absolutely Grotesque at the ESPYS: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

This article isn`t about whether Caitlyn Jenner deserved to win the ESPY Arthur Ashe Award for Courage, or about the subject of transgender equality, it`s about political correctness and truth.


"Please be kind to me. I`m new at this ", Caitlyn Jenner said in her masculine voice as she stepped up to the podium to accept the ESPY Arthur Ashe Award for Courage.

Caitlyn was wearing an ivory Atelier Versace dress, and decked out in diamond and pearl earrings and a glittering cuff.

Even when we dress to the nines for special occasions we can`t afford a costume designer or a wardrobe consultant, but Jenner`s outfit was put together by renowned Hollywood stylist Jen Rade.

There are some transgender male to female individuals who are strikingly beautiful, and are almost impossible to distinguish from persons who were born female.

But 65-year-old Caitlyn looks hideously grotesque, not even a designer dress worth thousands, and diamonds worth a fortune can turn the athlete/reality star formerly known as Bruce into a beautiful woman.

I don`t expect the media to be as honest as this humble blogger and use words such as "hideous" and "grotesque " to describe Caitlyn, but by the same token I don`t expect them to gush over her as if she was the second coming of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Apparently to be considered politically-correct one has to flat-out lie, and label Caitlyn beautiful, stylish and elegant. Anybody who isn`t blind is ethically-obligated to proclaim that Caitlyn looks like a carnival freak. Her deformed-looking surgically reconstructed face, her wrinkled hands, and her huge feet will give me nightmares for the rest of my life.

If I read one more article describing Caitlyn as beautiful, I`m going to kill myself.

As journalists and bloggers we must always value the truth over political-correctness.


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