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Published:July 28th, 2015 11:43 EST

Viral Video: Adorable Baby Hedgehogs Sneeze

By Robert Paul Reyes

These three new orphan babies were abandoned by their mother, because she was disturbed in the shed where she gave birth. The hoglets were left alone for around 24h before they were brought to us. We are now taking good care of them by keeping them warm and feeding them every few hours. They are able to roll, scratch themselves and even sneeze!

These three siblings are joining our ever growing hedgehog population.

YouTube video description
Hedgehogs don`t look particularly cute or cuddly; in fact they look like Brillo pads. But these hoglets look absolutely adorable as they sneeze when being marked with nail polish to tell them apart.

Hedgehogs may never replace kittens and puppies as our favorite pets, but you will get a kick out of them as they let out a series of tiny sneezes.
This video has gone viral, and pet stores may have to start stocking up on hoglets.    



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