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Published:August 1st, 2015 10:02 EST

Our Anger Against the Dentist Who Murdered Cecil the Lion Will Never Die!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Days after the news of the death of Cecil the Lion broke -- and weeks after the actual hunt  -- the Internet is still blazing with vitriol focused on the dentist/hunter who murdered the beloved big cat.


We`ve all seen Internet faux outrages explode out of nowhere, and then just as quickly dissipate. But this time the anger is authentic and universal, and the sadistic dentist has shuttered his dental clinic and disappeared deep underground.

Everyone from regular folks like accountants, teachers and even dentists and hunters, to celebrities like Betty White, Larry Wilmore and Jimmy Kimmel have expressed their outrage online.

Walter Palmer, a name that will live forever in Internet infamy, he would be well-advised not to resurface without undergoing plastic surgery. If this cretin is spotted in public an outraged citizenry will tar, feather,run him out of town, and perform a root canal on him without benefit of anesthesia.

Good folks are incensed because this evil dentist regularly paid obscene amounts of money to kill wild and exotic animals. Palmer paid a fine for illegally killing a bear; he is on a one-man crusade to depopulate the Earth of wild animals.

Palmer willfully committed a grievous transgression, and there is absolutely nothing he can do to earn forgiveness. Palmer`s words of apology will fall on deaf ears, it`s incumbent upon us to make an example of him and make the rest his days upon Mother Earth a living hell.

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