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Published:August 12th, 2015 13:04 EST

Outrage: KFC Selling Pink & Black Chicken Sandwiches in China

By Robert Paul Reyes

"KFC`s sales have been plummeting in China for the past few years, so the chain has come up with a solution to save the company: bright pink burgers.


The new pink sandwich is called the Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger, Kotaku reports via The Nanfang. KFC China`s other new item is called the Black Diamond Bacon Spicy Chicken Burger, which, as you can see, comes on a black bun."

Time Magazine

If you dine at fast food restaurants in America you don`t place a premium on nutrition and good health, but if you dine at a fast food joint in China you must have a death wish.

When you eat an exotic dish in the United States the server will attempt to alleviate your apprehension by saying: Don`t worry it tastes like chicken.

But in China even a chicken sandwich is suspect, it may really be a dogwich burger, and in any case it won`t taste like chicken.

I wouldn`t eat a regular chicken sandwich in the totalitarian country for fear it contains lead and MSG, and you can bet your last dollar I would refrain from tasting a pink chicken KFC sandwich.

Pink and black buns may work in a nation where people are afraid to complain about anything for fear they might end up in a concentration camp, but these strange buns would never fly in the good old United States.

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