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Published:August 17th, 2015 10:21 EST

Will a Cardboard Cat Scratch Laptop Keep Your Cats From Blocking Your Laptop Screen?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pet owners wanting to keep their kitties happy with a techie theme might want to consider getting them a personal Cat Scratch Laptop made of cardboard.


While the mock laptop doesn`t actually connect to the Internet, your cat will be so excited that you`re not yelling at him for blocking the screen he`ll never know the difference between the printed-out desktop wallpaper and the real deal. (You can slide in new pictures to keep the look fresh.)"


It never fails, whenever I turn on my laptop, my cats stop whatever they`re doing (shredding the drapes, playing with a box, terrorizing the dog, and they jump on the computer stand, block my screen, run across the keyboard and generally make nuisances of themselves.

Tico and Ebony may be the reason I write so many articles about cats, it`s impossible not to think about cats when they are blocking the computer screen.

Cats love cardboard, the Cat Scratch Laptop may capture the  attention of my pets, but I`m sure that after a few minutes they would return to torment me.

I don`t think I want to risk $35 to find out if the Cat Scratch Laptop will keep Tico and Ebony from harassing me while I try to write essays on my laptop. But here`s the link to the Web site, if you want to order one:

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