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Published:August 23rd, 2015 11:08 EST

Tokyo-based Restaurant Sells Feces-flavored Curry

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If there ever was a restaurant destined to get crappy reviews, it`s Curry Shop Shimizu.


The Tokyo-based eatery opened earlier this month with the house specialty being poo-flavored curry.

To be fair, the dish doesn`t contain any actual poop, just natural ingredients like green tea, bitter gourd and cocoa powder that, when combined, looks and tastes similar to human defecation, reports."

Huffington Post

At first flush writing about poo-flavored curry seemed like a good idea, but I have a sinking feeling this article is destined to be one of the crappiest I`ve ever written.

The poo-flavored curry doesn`t contain any actual poop, but if it did nobody would be able to tell the difference. Curry tastes, smells and looks like sh**, a curry restaurant doesn`t really need any cooks; the servers could just defecate into the customers` bowls.

The poop curry is served in a porcelain bowl that resembles a bedpan -- what a deft and elegant touch.

You may be thinking what kind of a sick bastard invented the feces-flavored curry bowl? That would be executive chef Ken Shimizu who moonlights as a gay porn star; this sorry excuse for a human being has actually eaten excrement in some of his movies.

Shimizu should quit his culinary and porn careers, and follow Donald Trump around the campaign trail, that way he would always be in his element -- pure unadulterated sh**!

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