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Published:September 8th, 2015 19:04 EST
Surfs up Dude! But not on Malibu Beach

Surfs up Dude! But not on Malibu Beach

By Ron G Anselm

Surfing or Bogie Boarding on the beaches of Southern California is as fun as Bungee Cord jumping off Mount Everest (Like anyone has ever done that, give it time) but surfing in space? Could become a new trend in the twenty-first century if your ET trying to ride those space breakers "

Really? Do you think there are beach bums up there in that large wild black yonder? Not unless your about ten sheets to the wind right about now as you are reading this article or are on crack and taking it that way because your brain waves are a little messed-up.

No, I am talking about NASA the big brother with their eye in the sky has stumbled upon another science and space mystery called Kelvin-Helmholtz waves. These particles of space energy are solar wind over the layer of the Earth`s Magnetosphere which creates ocean wave-like patterns. These waves look very similar to ocean waves that are a surfer`s paradise.

The space waves also can be a big influence on space weather that cause auroras and can also interfere with us back on Earth by disrupting telecommunication systems and power grids. The basic understanding and concept of this is simple. Think of it in terms of a fast moving fluid traveling over a slow moving fluid. This is the Kelvin-Helmholtz wave`s concept.

You can actually see this pattern in the ocean, in clouds, and even up in that bright hot star we call the sun. They have also been detected at the edge of the magnetosphere here there are many charged particles emitted by the sun that clash with Earth`s magnetic field. So, these innocent looking space waves are busy and not so innocent or elusive.

Until recently NASA and Astronomers thought these waves were rare but this is not the case. Shiva Kavosi who is a space scientist at the University of New Hampshire and co-author of a new study of the phenomenon commented on this, "It turns out they can appear under any conditions and are much more prevalent than we thought. They`re present 20 percent of the time. " (Kavosi, S.)

Kevosi and NASA used high-technology to detect these space wave patterns by using collected data from NASA`s Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) and Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms (THEMIS spacecraft. ( ACE system let researchers measure the conditions of the solar wind and at what time the wave patterns occurred.

So, studying the solar wind and space waves will allow scientists to get a better understanding of how the magnetosphere acts and will help them have a better understanding to be able to predict space weather and protect our technology back on Earth from any interference from this phenomenon.

As you sit back on Malibu, Venice or Santa Monica beach basting in that warm Southern, California beach sunshine " just remember there probably is some ET alien up there and I mean way, way up there shouting to his little green comrades, Hey Dudes Surf Up! Like Tubular Man! " as they ride the Space waves known as the Kelvin-Helmholtz waves.



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