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Published:October 3rd, 2015 10:23 EST

Study: Washing Dishes May Relieve Stress

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Doing the dishes may lead to stress relief if performed in a certain state of mind, according to a new study.


Florida State University researchers found that individuals who wash the dishes mindfully by taking in the soap`s scent and sensing the water temperatures experienced increased feelings of inspiration and decreased nervousness, as reported by Newser.

But researchers say it`s all about the way you approach the process of cleaning your dishes. If you aren`t mindful enough, it`s possible you won`t experience any added benefits."


The Florida State University researchers should publish their findings in a book "The Zen of Washing Dishes", New Age airheads like Oprah Winfrey will heap praise on it, but common folks will realize this study is crap.

When I tackle a pile of dirty dishes I could take in the soap`s fragrance and feel the gentle lukewarm water caressing my hands, but I would still be thinking: Man I hate washing the freaking dishes!

Dudes, if you want to experience a true state of bliss buy a dishwasher or convince your wife or girlfriend that washing dishes is women`s work, and sit back and enjoy the football game.

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