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Published:October 4th, 2015 10:34 EST

Bundle of Marijuana Falls From the Sky Onto Family`s Doghouse

By Robert Paul Reyes

Maya Donnelly awoke to what sounded like thunder in the middle of the night, but dismissed it as a storm and went back to sleep.

Later that morning, she went outside and discovered that her dog house had been destroyed by a bundle of weed that fell from the sky.

The marijuana was dropped there accidentally by a drug smuggler`s aircraft; perhaps the pilot was high as a kite.

If a bundle of weed dropped out of the sky and landed on my dog house, I would thank the Lord that my pooch escaped injury, and then I would light a candle to the patron saint of weed, Snoop Dogg, for my good fortune.

I would be in the dog house with my friends if I turned in the package to authorities, instead of sharing my bounty with them.

I bet Bob Marley is blasting at that border town`s police station, and the cops are smoking blunts and praising God.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia