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Published:October 15th, 2015 17:00 EST
Astrological Probable Alerts for US in Year 2016

Astrological Probable Alerts for US in Year 2016

By Kushal Kumar

 The present year 2015 is shortly coming to a close opening  doors for new year 2016 to step in.  In the background of ongoing global turmoil -  political, social and economic " there are no two opinions that US plays or is expected to play a central role.  This Vedic astrology writer is, therefore, right in entertaining a reasonable presumption of interest in readers world wide about stars for US in soon coming year 2016.

 It may be mentioned here that position of ascendant as well as planets has been worked out in accordance with sidereal zodiac mostly followed in Vedic astrology.  This position can be reached by a deduction from tropical zodiac positions of planets in 2016 of about 24 degrees and 5 minutes related to year 2016.  As the year 2016 opens, Saturn continues to be in direct motion in sign Scorpio.  It is in retrograde motion from 26 March to 13 August, 2016.  Thereafter it is in direct motion in the same sign.  Another equally important planets, Jupiter, turns retrograde on January in Sign Lo, becoming direct on 10 May 2016 to move over to next sign Virgo on 11 August, 2016.  Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is in sign Virgo as the year 2016 begins but soon enters sign Leo on 31 January 2016 to remain in that sign for the remaining part of the year.  Ketu , the South Node of the Moon remains 180 degrees away from Rahu.  Mars is in sign Libra on 1 January, 2016 entering sign Scorpio on 20 February, 2016 where it remains retrograde from 18 April to 18 June, 2016. It comes back to sign Libra on 19 June, 2016 in retrograde motion to be in direct on 30 June, 2016 to move again to sign Scorpio on 12 July to remain there till 31 October, 2016.

 Movements of other planets may be noted, if necessary, from standard ephemeris for 2016 as these are comparatively  faster  moving planets changing the signs at a short interval.

 The sidereal chart for new lunar year 2016 with sign Aries at about 9 degree rising may be seen at figure to this article.  Two eclipses will occur during the year 2016.  There will be total solar eclipse on 9 March, 2016 while other being annular solar eclipse on 1 September, 2016.

 Analysis :-

 It looks that vulnerable regions whose name begins with letters L, C, N, T, U,  could likely  keep prepared at a short notice, particularly during last ten days of April or around in relation to fires, volcano eruptions and the like natural disasters.  Use or storage of chemicals radiation material or nuclear stuff may be done with utmost care.   Preparations against earthquake at vulnerable regions could be useful.  Psychological aberrations or tendencies of suspicion and racial concerns may be carefully pre-empted, where vulnerable. 

 Rulers or those at the helm of affairs are likely to find it tougher and harder to square up to the opposing trends in social, political and economy sphere.  Maintenance or upholding of American glory may be a question talked about.

 Farming sector seems to presenting certain unique issues for addressing.  Cost of crops including food crops may escalate while production could  fall short of expectations or forecasts.
 The comity or alliance of  association of nations traditionally with US may likely come under pressure during the year to tread a path different from the one commonly adopted previously.  The right course for US could be to delay reaction and wait for opportune time for appropriate happening.

 Economy may pose a substantial issue.  Unforeseen circumstances may surface upsetting the economy while revenues may recede, expenses could grow.  Financial crisis cannot be ruled out.  Right course could be to lay emphasis on such avenues of revenue as export of art, cinema, finished products, knowledge relating to health, beauty and design objects and the like.  Defence deals or exports of defence hardware seems to be getting delayed.

 It may be appropriate to mention here the timing or periods when the aforesaid circumstance or happenings of substantial concern would likely show up.  Last ten days of April 2016 extending to May 2016 seem to be of substantial concern on account of natural competitors, energy resources, nuclear concerns, farming sector and health of citizens. Last two months November and December 2016  may likely need specific attention in the aforesaid areas.

 It may be observed here that these likely trends of circumstances surfacing are indicative and do not amount to determinism.  That means to say there is a scope for timely, appropriate and sufficient pre-emptive action so that outcome or consequences of such planetary energies could be reduced considerably squared up effectively.

Kushal Kumar, hailing from Sansal of District Kangra in Himachal Pradesh State of India, is presently settled at Panchkula in Haryana State of India.  His analysis of birth chart of Princess Charlotte has been  published in  November 2015 issue of world`s leading astrology magazine, Dell Horoscope  from New York. His articles have also been published in such premier magazines as The Mountain Astrologer , Sedona Journal of Emergence from US. He can be reached via