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Published:October 25th, 2015 11:09 EST

Cat Suffers Serious Hangover After 7 Weeks Trapped in Wine Cellar

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Good thing cats have nine lives, or how else could a kitty have survived a seven-week bender where he opened $44 worth of wine and drank the contents, with a subsequent three-day hangover to boot?


It wasn`t uncommon for frisky feline Aljosha to leave his home to strut around the town of Würselen, Germany, and come back home around midday. But, one fateful day in July, the cat didn`t return.

Seven weeks later, the kitty emerged from an environment that apparently didn`t bode well for the animal`s health or sanity: He`d been trapped in a wine cellar a few houses away.

During the seven-week timeframe, the cat managed to shatter three wine bottles totaling more than $44, lapping up the liquid and getting increasingly inebriated with every taste."

Huffington Post

Cats who are allowed to go outdoors face danger from everything from vicious dogs to careless drivers to cruel kids to easily accessible wine cellars. Please keep your kitty safe and secure in your home, he will use up his nine lives very quickly if you allow him to roam the mean streets.

Being trapped in a wine cellar may be the perfect environment for a wino, but it`s not an ideal place for a cat, in fact he will probably die there.

After seven week Aljosha managed to stagger to his home, his owner rushed him to the vet, and after days of sobering up he`s finally back to his frisky behavior.

I`ve seen videos of clueless owners giving their cats beer, alcohol can be lethal to pets; please don`t leave your glass of beer where your cat can sip it.

Bottom line: Keep your cat indoors and away from alcohol!

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