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Published:November 10th, 2015 14:31 EST

Roland Martin Tries to Teach Hillary Clinton How to Dance the Wobble: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"So this happened on Saturday at a town hall in South Carolina hosted by Roland Martin.

According to Martin, Hillary Clinton needs to learn `the wobble` to get the `black vote` and since Hillary has no idea what he`s talking about, Martin decided to show her how it`s done."


Al Roker and Roland Martin are the most uncool black media celebrities, Hillary would have been guaranteed 100% of the black vote had she only told Martin: Negro, please! Even my grandma can dance better than you, and she`s been dead for decades!

Martin made an ass out of himself trying to dance the wobble, and he embarrassed the awkward and socially inept Hillary.

Hillary doesn`t need to learn the Dougie, the Electric Slide or the Wobble to win the black vote, as a Democrat she`s already has the black vote in her pocket.

Now here`s a sister who really does know how to wobble:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia