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Published:November 24th, 2015 17:04 EST

Belgians Flood Twitter With Cat Pics

By Robert Paul Reyes

"This weekend, Belgians were confronted with the sober reality that their capital has been placed under the highest level of terror alert, due to an unspecified serious and imminent threat.


But rather than give in to fear, Belgians have responded on social media with a defiant sense of whimsy. And cat pictures -- lots and lots of cat pictures.

The stream of cat pics was sparked when the country`s federal police made a request on Twitter for the public to maintain silence about the ongoing counter-terror operations on social media, for fear of alerting potential targets of the raids to police movements. "


Belgian federal police requested that Belgians refrain from posting photographs of soldiers or police on social media for fear of alerting terrorists of police movements.

To demonstrate that they weren`t terrified of terrorists or the police, the Belgians naturally responded by posting pics of cats posing as snipers and soldiers, and even Darth Vader on social media.

Belgians ain`t afraid of no terrorists and they ain`t intimidated by no police state. Check out these photographs:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia