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Published:November 27th, 2015 10:16 EST

Meet BooBoo the Fashionista Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The brilliantly named BooBoo the cat was found by his owner, Carla Hervert, as a stray in 2005. He`s now 10 years old and has worn a total of 75 super fashion-y outfits. In short: He`s better than all of us and running the fashion game right now.


It`s all down to his trusted stylist Carla, who follows the classic style rule of starting with accessories and working from there."


Cats have conquered the Internet, and now they have set their eyes on the catwalk. Meet BooBoo the fashionista cat who has more outfits than the typical feline has flies.

Normally I`m aghast at people who dress their cats, nothing robs a kitty of his dignity quite like placing a jaunty cap on his adorable head. But I guess an exception can be made for a cat who`s made modeling his career.

My 25-pound cat, Tico, would make mincemeat out of any cat who discredits his species by allowing himself to be dressed in silly outfits, but I must admit BooBoo has style up the wazoo.

Pics of BooBoo the supermodel cat:

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia