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Published:November 30th, 2015 09:43 EST

Bleeding Communion Wafer Hailed as Miracle by Faithful (Morons)! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Last week, during the holy communion, a host was returned to the father overseeing the service. A host is the small wafer handed out as part of the communion. The father placed the host in a glass of water near the head of the church. Typically, the host will dissolve away in a few minutes.


Three days later, members of the church say the host was still floating and it appeared to be bleeding. Word spread, and the church filled with people. For a short time, the host was on display."


Communion is the holiest sacrament in the Roman Catholic faith, the host or sacramental bread is meant to represent the body of Jesus Christ, it is consumed with wine which is meant to represent his blood.

You`d think a priest would consider a communion wafer that turns blood red in a glass of water a blasphemous act inspired by the devil.

But the priest exploited the curious incident by putting the host on display, and of course the faithful (morons) flocked to the church.

I`m not Catholic, but if I attended mass and I witnessed a host turn blood red in a glass of water, I would assume that the priest had open lesions on his hand, and I would walk away in disgust.

The Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City has now seized the bloody host and is investigating the incident. Holy tomfoolery, a miracle born of the fact that a priest didn`t put a bandage on a cut in his hand.

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